DIY burlap coasters, stools, lampshades and more!

Hope ya’ll are not tired of my burlap projects.
DIY burlap coasters, stools, lampshades and more
These rice bags all were FREE!
My FIL asked a grocer friend of his if he could have the bags when they were empty.
Certainly, he said here you go.
I suggest asking your local grocer if they too have any rice burlap bags.
I love em’ and can’t come up with enough projects for them.
Let me show you real quick what I have done so far…

This was my first project…
diy burlap seat covers.
All I did with these was buys some foam, cover it in burlap and staple to the chair pad.
JUST that easy!
These stools had a wicker, very uncomfortable seat.
Then from there I made my lampshade from left over scraps…
Mod podged on.
A no sew valance in the laundry room
Still some scaps left, so
diy burlap coasters
I decided to mod podge and burlap the top of this mini trunk..
I still have scraps left so today I decided just one more small project….
I had these coaster for sometime now.
They never were my style.
Today I used some cork board to cover the top of the outdated coasters..
I hot glued the cork on top of the original coaster.
I then cut the squares to size and mod podged the burlap on the cork.
How easy was that?
They now sit on our coffee table and if in need of a coaster…
You may view my

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and my other diy projects above.



  1. JaneEllen says

    I am all over that. Love your coasters. What a great way to use up burlap and re-use something else. I am so jealous of those rice sacks you have. Everything you’ve shown is great.
    Did you make that chicken sign? I’m a chicken person, have quite a few on top of my kitchen cupboards. Love your chicken lamp also.
    Wonder how somebody could get some rice sacks? I have to find the rest of your 20+ burlap projects.
    I was at Hobby Lobby last week getting some burlap and while the clerk was cutting it she asked me why people are so crazy about burlap so much. I told her about several projects I’ve seen using it. Told her about the wonderful blogs to get fantastic ideas for using it.
    I was very fortunate to find a coffee sack at local thrift store last week. I took the back off the bag to use for pillows and table runners. My bag is alot darker burlap with a tighter weave and a softer texture.
    I’ll cut the back of bag into 4 pieces, put a transfer on lighter fabric then onto the burlap. I use the iron-on tape. Love Aleene’s tape but it’s a bit pricey for me and not that much of it.
    Love your blog.


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