Chalk paint, terra cotta pots

When does my obsession ever end?
Annie Sloan chalk paint has been one of mine for a while now.
 Do you ever feel like that  about something you love?
I always feel like
I will look back and say to myself what was I thinking?
because I have so many times before.

(bought my first MUM of the season)

 I sure hope with all these latest projects I have been doing,  that  will NOT be the case.  I have been very happy with their out come!
So……today, I was thinking more about our backyard retreat and all the color I want to add.
I have a can of Annie Sloan Provence  chalk paint that I have been dying to dig into.


Remember I mentioned I want a Spanish flair out on our new area.  I want to totally bring the inside out.

So I decided to make my own pot instead of paying 50.00 for something fancy with flair.

It really was so simple to paint the terra cotta.
The Annie sloan chalk paint went on like butter.
Dried fast as usual.  I have so many pretty stencils on hand I thought I would stencil a design on the pot as well.

I was achieving a weathered old look…
so I sanded the heck out of it.
the sanding is the toughest part of these jobs!
I sweat like a dickens!

I am so very happy with the after…it turned out better than I anticipated.
You just never know when you try something new, it was a 50/50..
The best part of it, this pot was less that 10.00.

In fact from what I am told about Annie’s paint, that  using it for outdoor projects is just as wonderful.  It will take on a more weathered effect over time.

This is the stencil and paint I used..

Thanks for stopping by today.

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You can check out my stenciling gallery while you are here.

I am no Picasso, however with stencils you surely can feel like one.


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  1. says

    Love the painted pot and Love the painting of the rooster frame it with a matte and a big chunky
    frame and people will want to know where to buy it!!

  2. says

    Hi Deb (Love your name!)

    I adore your chalk paint, terra cotta pots creation and would like to try and make one and have a question as to the order in which you painted and stenciled. It looks like you painted the pot, then added the stencil, my question is, did you lightly paint over the stencil and then sand it or did you totally paint over the stencil and sand the heck out of it????

    Thanks so much – love your web site!!


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