Scary storm hit our city!

Last night we were awakened by horrible, thunder, lightning and wind..
Our little city is known as the tree city.  It is gorgeous, and today, there is destruction and trees down everywhere. So far I hear of nothing tragic, so that we are very thankful for.
 It was NOT the the thunder and lightning that woke me, it was the howling strong winds and all the debri hitting our windows.  My first reaction was to fly out of bed and get the boys from upstairs. I did just that and we laid in our closet until it passed.  It was scary and I felt like we were in a hurricane.  We have damage and debri today, and we are in urgent need of a tree guy.  We have a tree hanging over our house.

We are safe and I am so thankful for that.
I promised to announce the chalk paint winner and I did generate the winner through
I thank you all for joining in this giveaway.
 Congrats Allyson!
You all will not be seeing me for a few days.  We have a lot of work to do, and it is just shocking to go out there.  Again, thank GOD we are OK.  We are however suppose to get another storm come through, so we have to get as much cleaned up as possible.
The winds were so strong, it blew my heavy wrought iron table across the patio~
Everywhere you turn, there are trees down, and the city is doing a great job of removing them from the streets. Buses were running, and kids are in school.
This tree is hanging over our house.  The tree guy said he would do his best to get out here today.
Please keep your fingers crossed, because if he can’t and we get another storm, this tree is coming down.
Be back soon!



  1. Nichol says

    Yike Debbie. I'm so glad you are okay. The weather is not being kind to anyone this year. Saying prayers for everyone in your community and your family to get everything cleaned up. Hugs.

  2. Melanie says

    Oh my goodness, Debbie! I'm so glad you all are safe!
    I hope the tree guy can take care of that tree soon!

  3. Korrie@RedHenHome says

    Very scary! Good luck on getting everything cleaned up and taken care of. Glad you're safe.

  4. says

    Ohh Debbie! So sorry about all the damages but thankful you all are ok!!! What a storm! Hang in there and know I am thinking about you!!


  5. Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes says

    That must have been so scary! I'm happy to hear that you and your beautiful family are OK. I hope you are able to get that tree down soon! Take care.

  6. Lanell says

    I'm sorry to hear about the storm and losing all those beautiful trees. Keep the boys close and don't worry about the stuff. Just be safe. I'll be thinking about you and hoping all goes well.

  7. Jo says

    O' MY!..this is awful.OH Debbie I'm just so thankful yall are okay.
    These photo's are enuff to scare the doo-doo out.
    So see ya soon dear friend.
    Looks like hard work, wish I lived closer,I'd help yall.

  8. Terry says

    Isn't this scary. Glad you are all safe, albeit with lots of work to do now. Fingers crossed that tree holds until your guy gets there to take it down safely. We had the same thing two weeks ago and it really is terrifying. Good luck with the storm front moving in.

  9. Beverly@southernhomesweethome says

    Terrible storm. Glad you are safe. Lots to clean up. We had the thunder and lightning last night but no wind damage.

  10. Olive Cooper says

    Dear Lord In Heaven we are so thankful you are safe and all that can be fixed. take care♥O

  11. Nama Halacy's Comfy Cottage says

    This is why I am terrified of wind!! I am so glad you are okay. I would have been a wreck while this was happening. Be safe!

  12. laxsupermom says

    That's so scary! Glad to hear you're all okay. I hope the tree guy can make it out today for you.

  13. Daniella says

    wow. That was some storm! Thank God is right, because the destruction looks quite devistating. I hope the tree guy can get there, but with all of the trees everywhere, I bet everyone is calling. Fingers crossed for youu!
    Congrats to your winner too!
    Be safe

  14. Victoria says

    Oh my gosh Debbie, how scary! I'm so glad you're all ok!!! Will be thinking of you and I hope the weather doesn't act up anymore!

  15. The Decorative Dreamer says

    Oh Debbie! I just saw my cousin in law in Lake Wylie posted; Tornado here? on her facebook status. What's going on up there? I am so sorry to see this mess. Thank God yall are all okay though. Scary!

  16. The Garden Bell says

    Jeez-Louise Deb. When it rains it pours. Please, remember to breathe today. This is going to be some clean up for you. Did you house begin to twitch, please don't go off to the land of OZ, we need you here in the land of blog, safe and sound. Hang in there, at least you all made it through. Something is sure up, as I can't get my mind around all the crazy weather we are having here in the U.S. right now. I'd be over if I could to help with the clean-up.

  17. Blondie's Journal says

    This sounds like a heck of a storm. Your deck really shows how bad it was. You were smart to go in the closet. The weather has been really unpredictable this year, yesterday we hit 90 degrees which is really unusual for the Midwest. Go figure.

    So glad you are safe.


  18. Screaming Sardine says

    Wow, so glad you and your family are all right. Good luck with the clean up. I hope the tree guy can come and take that tree down today!

    We had a really awful wind storm here a couple weeks ago. It had a blizzard attached to it. Some places are still without electricity. Glad you're up and running. Whew!

    Tracy All Thumbs Crafts

  19. Mimi says

    Oh wow – this had to be a very bad storm to cause all that destruction! How scary. I am glad you and you family are okay and hopefully everyone else in your town is okay also.


    Sending a big "hug" to you and your family. I'm happy that you are all well and I pray you will be safe as the next storm nears. I wish I was nearby to give you a helping hand cleaning up… Stay safe my friend!

  21. Bayside Gal says

    How scary Debbie! I love thunder storms, but storms causing destruction (being few and far betweeen here so far) are nothing to smile about. Hope your clean-up goes well. Jeanie

  22. Traci says

    I am so glad that you and your family were not hurt. But what a heck of a clean up job you now have. I will keep my fingers crossed that the next storm never materializes.

  23. ♥ Sonny ♥ says

    holee mlee Deb.. I am so happy ya'll are ok..
    we had this same kind of storm and tornados touch down all over NC just a month ago.. it takes time to recover for sure. I hope your tree man shows up quick…

  24. At The Picket Fence says

    Oh my goodness Debbie! I am so glad you all are ok and hope the tree guy gets out there ASAP and that there is no new storm that comes through!

  25. ℳartina @ Northern Nesting says

    OMG Debbie what a storm!! This weather has been so freaky, I am so glad you guys are all OK and that there was no major damage!! Stay safe, Martina

  26. L says

    Wow. That must have been so scary. What a mess of everything. Those trees..awful to see them uprooted like that, but I'm very happy you are all okay. The weather has been so unpredictable everywhere this spring.

    Congratulations, Allyson, winning the giveaway!

    have a great day~L

  27. Cherie says

    Thank goodness you are ok. We got that storm last night apparently… I slept through it though with the cats watching it through the window above my head.
    Be careful! and this is some crazy weather we have been experiencing this spring.

  28. ~Tablescapes By Diane~ says

    Hi lovely lady. I'am so glad you and your family are all OK. Keep us up to date if you can~~~Debbie

  29. Full Circle Creations says

    I hate storms! I hate the destruction and the clean up. I'm so glad you and your family are safe. I hope your tree guys gets that tree down safely. Stay safe!

  30. Liz says

    Oh no, Debbie, I am so glad you all are ok. How scary. Be careful out there, after a storm like that a lot of things are probably unstable. Hugs and Love, Liz

  31. Barb and Dell says

    I am so glad you and your family are safe. The weather has been so crazy this spring. I hope lots of people will show up to help with the cleanup.
    Congrats to the winner.

  32. Ms. Bake-it says

    My goodness, what a nasty storm! I am happy to hear you and your family are safe. Will keep all of you in my prayers.

    ~ Tracy

  33. Ispirato Design says

    Thank goodness you are all okay- Take care of business and hopefully we will see you back here soon!

  34. Traci says

    I'm so sorry to hear about the weather. Thank goodness everyone's ok. We'll see you when you get back.

  35. Debbie @ says

    Wow, so glad you are ok. It is scary to go through a storm like that. We don't have tornados here in s. Calif. but we do get these wild Santa Ana wind storms that are 70-80 miles an hour. No one goes anywhere and they just ruin everything. 1 storm creates hours of cleanup.
    Sorry we are not there to help and lift your spirits.


  36. Anita says

    Wow, Debbie, I'm glad you all are safe!! We have been in the same boat so to speak all spring here, and our yard still looks like that because we cannot get ahead of all the debris. We too have trees hanging over our house. One huge one fell a couple weeks ago, thankfully, the other direction. These storms are so freaky, that I never know what's going to happen, so better be to be safe than sorry.

  37. Jemsmom says

    Girl, we got hit with it after you, but not nearly that bad! It did sound horrible, but we didn't have any damage. Tom got up to watch the weather at 4. That let me know he was a little worried! So glad you are all safe and doing o.k. I am praying the tree guy makes it today! Yikes!!! Hang in there and be safe cleaning all that up.

  38. Erin says

    So sorry to hear about the damage and to see such devastation, but SO glad that you are all okay…Storms here too, but it didn't do as much damage here as in the rest of our county. Hugs.

  39. Kathy says

    I was popping by to say I got my scentsy and this is what I find out……too close for comfort girlfriend, please let me know how you fare tonight…the weather this year is so unusual and downright scary! Beeeee Saaaafe!

  40. Kim @ Savvy Southern Style says

    Wow,Debbie. I have been out all day and I see this! That must have been some storm. So sorry you have all that to clean up. We are hot and dry here, but rain coming this weekend for days it looks like. At least it will be cooler and we do need the rain now. Hope your tree guy gets there and congrats to Allison. Can't believe I was one number too late! Darn.

  41. Allyson Pecilunas says

    Wow I am so glad you guys are ok Debbie! I am so excited I won!! YAY I never win a thing! LOL WOHOO I just emailed you my address

  42. piacrook says

    Oops- just saw you live on Lake Wylie- we are in Rock Hill, 5 minutes from Lake Wylie! Heres a great chalk paint tip- I met a woman named Tammy from Periwinkle pass in NC who stocks it, and I met her at Metrolina Expo this past weekend to purchase the paint- saved a bunch in shipping costs! she's here pretty often… we got our power back on literally 30 minutes ago- boy was it hot!

  43. donatella says

    oh my…. I know how you feel. i was in houston during hurricane ike. power of nature is no joke. good thing nobody's hurt. hoper you get everything fix soon!!

  44. Laura Wilkerson says

    I'm so glad ya'll are ok….these storms lately are crazy! I know how you feel about those trees. I hope you get yours taken care of soon….that's always the first thing I worry about when the winds start whipping up around here is a tree falling through the roof!
    Ya'll take care and stay safe

  45. Desiree (Hubby, Me & Three) says

    Glad you and your family are okay. It must have been really scary just to hear the wind howl like that. Also, I wanted to thank you for letting me attend your Newbie party, it was my first time attending yours and I plan to be back! I love looking at everyone's creative work and getting great ideas.

  46. The Polka Dot Closet says

    Wow, I never even heard about this on the news! Take care of business and we will be here after you clean up!


  47. Gypsy Heart says

    I'm so glad you're all ok! We had a very strong storm system move through here this afternoon and more in the forecast. Hope the tree guy made it out today. Moving that wrought iron table is some kinda wind!

    We'll leave a light on for you ~

  48. Lori says

    Glad your are OK, that had to be scary! More storms just came through Texas, probably headed your way, sorry.

  49. Liz- says

    Gees Debbie!! That's terrible! What a mess too! Glad you are all okay :) Too bad there was so much damage… hope you don't lose any important trees.
    We had storms this morning and are anticipating more now. It's a gray/green color outside…I guess it's that time of the year! Take care..Liz

  50. ❀❀❀Ðαωᾔ❀❀❀ says

    Wow, that looks like a tornado to me, by the way the trees are pushed up out of the ground. Glad everyone in your household are safe:)

  51. Ricki Jill Treleaven says

    Debbie, I am so glad that the tree did not hit your house. I am also thankful that y'all weren't hurt. Storms are scary, and you did the right thing bringing your kids downstairs!

    Congrats to Allyson! She is so sweet!!!!!

  52. Caroline (Piorra Maison) says

    Wow, what destruction. Glad to see everyone is fine. Hope that tree guy shows up soon. Take care of yourselves and pray for calm weather.

  53. All That Glitters says

    oh my goodness Debbie! I'm so glad y'all are okay! We had stuff blown all over the place here too.

  54. Linda says

    Those kinds of storms are SO scary, Debbie! I'm sorry for the damage you have had and am so glad you are all okay! XO

  55. Chandra Chinnis says

    WOW!!!! We also had a storm come through here last night. The howling of the wind woke me up and then I was up for 3 hours with thunder and lightning,while the electricity went out 3 times and rain and hail at the same time. Thank God we don't really have any trees in our neighborhood and I haven't seen any damage. I hope you get cleaned up and that next batch won't do damage. We may get more tonight.

  56. Wendy says

    I am so glad to read you and your family are okay. Will pray your tree gets cut down and no more storms!

  57. Robyn says

    Bloody hell Debbie! That's some serious damage there. What a mess. But you'll have it all in tip top shape in no time.

  58. Diane @ Magpies and Magnolias says

    Oops. Let's try that again.

    Oh my God, Debbie! You are right…it looks like a hurricane went through there.

    I am so very thankful that you and your family are safe and sound!

  59. Curtains In My Tree says

    This has really been a year for storms and floods and more coming this week here in Missouri

    So glad every body is OK

  60. Carrie @ Dittle Dattle says

    Yep! That is what our yard looks like! I wish my computer didn't get hit by the storm… we could have compared photos. Glad to hear that everyone is okay. It was sad to hear this morning about the two teenage girls in York. By the looks of Chester, we are lucky that everyone is safe, very shockin up, but safe.

  61. Diann says

    I think the same storm hit us before heading out onto the lake. It woke me at about 2:30 this morning. We didn't have too much damage. Had to chase our chair cushions down and some pots were broken. glad to hear you guys are ok but sorry to see all the damage!

  62. Debby says

    Terrible, terrible, terrible. I am so glad you are all okay. What havoc the weather is playing on everyone this year. It is so good to hear though that no one was hurt. What a scary thing to have to go through, especially for children. Take care and hope your tree gets taken down, by a tree guy and not the weather.

  63. Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape says

    goodness Debbie so glad to hear you and your family is okay. That is so scary, specially that tree just hanging at the top of your house. Remember to stay calm and follow your instincts. It's a good thing you stayed in your closet, as uncomfortable as it may have been but at least you are safe, there's just no telling what a storm like that can do. Try to stay away from windows during these storms. God Bless and stay safe.

  64. Tina's Primitive Attic says

    Wow that sounds so scary.. Glad you all are okay. Thinking of you and everyone else around there.. Take care, Tina

  65. Rosemary@villabarnes says

    You and your family are OK. That is the most important thing. Things can be replaced and repaired.

  66. Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle says

    Thinking of you and so sorry about those storms that have rolled through and caused so much destruction for so many! Glad you and your family are okay and hope you able to clean up the mess it left behind quickly! Sending a few extra smiles your way! :) :) :)

    Liesl :)

  67. Annie Louise says

    Oh my goodness that is horrific!! Thank goodness you and your family are alright.
    Take care,

  68. Randi says

    I will echo everyone else and say how grateful I am that you and your family are ok. I'll admit though, to getting teary-eyed when I saw all the destruction on your patio. You always keep things so immaculate so it must have been so depressing to go outside and see all the work that needs to be done. I wish all us bloggy friends lived closer and could come over and help you out. Instead, I'll send prayers and virtual hugs.

  69. CalypsoInTheCountry says

    Whoa..what a storm! At least you are ok! It seems like there have been some crazy storms across the country lately! Take care!

  70. Donna says

    Oh my goodness, Debbie! I am so glad that no one was hurt! That must have been so scary. I hate seeing beautiful trees damaged like that. Stay safe:)

  71. Butterflies & Seashells says

    I am glad you didn't have any major damage. Where do you live? I live in Pensacola so I know what you are going through. Hurricane Ivan took out almost all my trees….I could not even see into my backyard.

  72. Personalized Sketches and Sentiments says

    Good to hear that you all are safe and sound. My hubby and I drove from southern Georgia through TN and up to KY and along the way, we saw so many areas where trees were leveled flat or snapped in half!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    I'm so thankful that Blogger is up and running again! Please stop by if you get a chance…

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