DIY Painter tarps

Truly this is the easiest project ever.
How cheap too!
Painters tarps make the best curtains.
After I did  Jack’s room,
I decided Alex needed some window treatments as well.
P1040360 DIY Painter tarps
Bought the canvas at Walmart for 9.97. This was the perfect size
P1040383 DIY Painter tarps
I did not wash these before hand, as I wanted the wrinkles. I taped across, and down, to have a square pattern
P1040388 DIY Painter tarps
P1040387 DIY Painter tarps
I then hand brushed each square, some lighter than others.
P1040513 DIY Painter tarps
P1040514 DIY Painter tarps
P1040517 DIY Painter tarps
For less than $40.00 I have my own custom made curtains.
I am in the market for a new comforter for Alex’s room,
I want something a little more rustic outdoor looking.
And here I recently found it, at Belk’s.

P1040991 DIY Painter tarps
P1050167 DIY Painter tarps
My boy left for  Orlando Florida this morning to go on a school band field trip. Alex plays the trombone  and they are having a performance at Universal studios on Saturday.  He was so excited! He was also excited because his new airsoft gun came in yesterday.  This is a big hobby of his.

P1050162 DIY Painter tarps

And guess who wants to be just like big BRO?
Alex was kind of enough to pass down his other gun, and when Jack gets old enough he can play too.
Jack has no concept of time. We told him when he was 12 he could start playing.
The boy is only 9, and the gun is sitting in his room waiting.
Chic on shoestring
Show and tell 
A Glimpse inside 
Inspiration Friday

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