Family road trip
Bags are packed and we are ready to go! Heading to Sunny Florida for a week! on hitting the beach…. and having a few of these…
Checking out a few young studs….OOPS did I say that? Sorry I think out loud sometimes!Yes, I am happily married, but nuttin wrong with looking…now when a hot babe in a bikini walks by I know my hubs will NOT be looking (cough cough) it’s all good, we are on VACA baby!
That would be cool if I happen to run into Matthew too! Well none the less, the beach is fun and sexy and I can’t wait to get there. No Garage salen party this coming week…only because I will not be able to come and visit you, and I just would not feel right about hosting a party and not visiting!!~ SO we will resume the following week…which that week I will have TWO parties, my Before and After, and the Garage salen party. I may post while I am away, as I do have a few posts in my archives ready to roll! Miss you guys! And will be back to visit you soon. XXX000

P.S. I know a lot of you already gave your warm, well, good wishes…I just had to give my own little farewell!~

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    Have a great time Debbie! Have a drink for me(or 2 or 4!) Of course your hubby won’t be looking at anyone else, he’s got you! I am ready to do another B&A!!

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    I wondered why I hadn’t seen a post from you! I must have missed one as well as you must have been getting ready for vaca!! Have a BLAST!!! Take photos of any hot young men 😉

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    I love that show! Vacation, with Chevy Chase..oh, the Griswolds! I live in Orlando you know, you better not be here with out saying hi! Be prepared for a hot week, we are having a really rotten hot summer!

    Miss you already!


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    Debbie, Even on the way out the door you manage to take the time and make us smile. Gotta love you and your awesome sense of humor. Have a fun, safe and relazing trip!

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    Why just today I was telling my boyfriend how absolutely monumentally life or death crucial it was that I go to Florida again. Soon. Have a great time!

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    In reference to looking at good lucking men, Sister Teresa used to say there is nothing wrong with admiring the beauty of God’s work.

    Have a wonderful trip! I’m heading back to Florida in October for a long weekend with family.


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    Have a wonderful vacation! Please have at least 2 of that blue drink for me~ with or without a side of Matthew (with would definitely be preferred,don’t you agree?!)

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    Hey Debbie!! Enjoy your “Road-Trip” down here to SUNNY (and VERY HOT) South Florida!! Maybe while down here – we could meet-up and checkout Stoneage Antiques or Faith Farm Thrift!!

    Email me to let me know at Have a happy and SAFE trip!

    😀 Lynda

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    Hey I know that family!! :)
    Debbie I hope you have a wonderful vacation – get lots of sun and rest and food and a few quick glances at hot young guys! :)
    Be safe and see you when you return.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

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