Old WoRLD Meets NEw WoRLD

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I have been busy rearranging and adding some new bright colors for Spring and Summer into my Family Room.  Our Family room has been a bit of a challenge to decorate.  With 24ft. ceilings, it is not always easy to achieve a warm space.  We love Old World style and have spent the last four years antiquing and finding unique items to add to our home.  The Church window is 100 years old and came from a church in Upstate New York.  We found it in  an old restoration antique store in the Charlotte area.  It was the perfect addition to the space. My Mantel has also been a challenge.  The open space was suppose to be occupied by a TV.  We added a candelier  which we where given for our 10 year anniversary 5 years ago…..old mantel clock, paired up with some old books,  completed the Old World style as well.  On top of our entertainment center is a combination of Old and New.  The old wooden sign is from a local state park, that too we found at a local antique store,  in fact it was not for sale…..they did however, sell it to us for $60.00 and we could not be happier, as it points to our woods and reads Chester Lookout tower report woods Fire here……and has the arrow pointing the the woods.  Hope you Enjoy our Family room as much as we do.  The style may not be the norm for everyone…but then again, we are not the NORM, lol, so it is fitting for us!~

This is my post for Linking up with all these  lovely hosts listed below.  Thank you for having me.  I appreciate you taking the time to look and comment, they are much appreciated, and I will be sure to come and visit you:)
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    Debbie, you are my design inspiration for the day i have my own money and can afford my own house. STUNNING is the world. Love it. Absolutely gorgeous! You, my girl, live in a palace. Brilliant work- Take this- pat on the back!

    I’m totally proud of you!

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    Your home is beautiful Debbie! I love the close up shot of the candle flame with the mirror behind it, that’s a really good photo! Have a happy Easter!!!

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    ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE your style. And I LOVE vaulted ceilings. You did a wonderful job, everything flows so well with everything. You can come decorate MY house!

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    Debbie, you have done a wonderful job of creating a warm, cozy and inviting family room for y’all to hang out in. It should be decorated to suit your personality and needs and that is exactly what you have done. Happy Easter!!

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    Hi Debbie- what a gorgeous room! I just love all your personal touches- the fabulous window and great sign, down to the adorable pug on the ball- I just love it all! Thanks for stopping by- hope you have a happy Easter too!

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    Sup Deb???! Girl you have amazing taste. I just love what you’ve done in the family room. You really achieved that Old World charm and cozy feeling in there. Great job. Now, what do I have to do to get that clock? I’ll sell an organ, a limb, my second born (I need the firstborn – she helps around the house).

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    Hi Deb: I just love your decor and 24 ft ceilings…did you have your fireplace mantel built or was it there when you moved in?…we need to do something with ours soon.
    Happy Easter!

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    Hi Patti….the FP was there it was a light golden oak and I changed the stain to this darker color….thanks for looking and Happy Easter:)

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    Wow Debbie,

    I need to get you to come to Raleigh and decorate for me. Your home could be in Southern Living. Wow! If I take some pictures of my den, could you give me some ideas sometime?

    I thought you were taking a break….have a blessed day tomorrow with your family sweet lady!!!!!

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    I love the room. It have to much texture. AND Im pretty sure you live in a similar layout home to the one I lived in when I was in the Charleston area. And yes, it is a challenge

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    I have always loved what you have done to your home to change things up a bit, you have so much energy I am so jelous. Also love your toes, makes we want to run out and get a pedi. Happy Easter my Dear and thanks for your blog, all your hard work is appreciated by myself everyday.

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    Your interior designing skills are very good. I love the feel of the room, and that church window is unique and a nice touch to the decor of the room. Someone visiting would feel right at home there.

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    WOW!! Those are some soaring window you have! Magnificent! Your home is just lovely…. ThX for sharing… and Happy Easter Debs!!

    😀 Lynda

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    Agreeing with what everyone else says..awesome room…awesome you!
    Love your toes in the last post (o:

    I’ll be gone all week but will check you on Friday.

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    Oooohhh goody…I just found your site! I LOVE IT! Your home is wonderful…I can’t wait to take a peek at your previous posts!

    I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

    I am off to stalk your blog a little bit;)!


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    Hey beautiful! So glad i am back to your blog! I saved it now:)
    Your house is gorgeous!!! WOW.I love your profile picture…You are so darn beautiful!
    I am having some Marie Antoinette things going on this week…It’s my baby’s Birthday!!. Come see me.:)

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    Love all the color! And you did a great job on the mosaic (as well as working on your house!) Good photos. Enjoy this warm weather!

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    Fabulous mantel! Love that old stained glass window and the fact that you didn’t just stop decorating at the mantel, but went higher!

    Mantel itself adds real warmth to this room. You did a beautiful job here!
    Thanks for stopping by & “following” my blog. I’m flattered!

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    Beautiful. I find the room very warm and inviting. I especially love the little iron puppy dog to the right of the fireplace. He’s so sweet.

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    Debbie,scroling down the pictures, i am impressed with your color sense and your sense of furniture arrangement, you made the house look so inviting and heart warming.

    simply marvellous and gorgeous, well done,,,,

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    that is an incredible room!
    I love the height
    the window is amazing
    I noticed a B&W photo of a soldier with other soldiers walking into a door
    it’s a wonderful photo

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    Wow, Debbie, you are very creative and talented! You have avery beautiful house!! I wish I could decorate like that!! I am pretty basic, but my taste has improved in the last few years. LOL Loved all the pictures! Hope you had a great weekend! Went by way to fast! Hugs, Coreen

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    Hi, Wowww your home, your taste, your pictures are all so incredible and gorgeous…I also love your mosaic! I hope that you have a wonderful new week!

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    Just gorgeous. Those pictures look like they are out of a magazine, and your house looks like a model home! I love that you shared…just beautiful!

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    Debbie you should be on your own home makeover show! Your home is gorgeous, I just love how you used the church window to lessen the effect of the height you have in your family room. Wonderful photos too.

    If you ever get bored you can always come and makeover my home – I have zero creativity skills!

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    Beautiful photos and you have decorated your room very tastefully with all your eclectic pieces of art and furniture, really creates an atmosphere. I would love to have the high ceilings and tall windows as you have – what fun to decorate! Thank you for sharing with us all. Happy blogging and greetings from Vancouver Island. Michelle

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    Your home is very beautiful and a nice reflection of who you are. It’s always interesting to see inside the homes of my blogging friends, as they usually say so much about the individual.
    Thanks so much for sharing your special place with us.
    Mary :o)

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    I like the long drape by the fire place. You have done up your house with very warm colours and things.

    My husband doesn’t like this, and I am stuck with plain boring semi sterile things.

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    I am 100% completely in love with your style. My house is a combo of old, new, repurposed, junk yard finds and while at once time that would have made me cringe…I wouldn’t change it for anything. It inspires creativity and truly reflects a family. Love it all…that church window is fabulous.

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    Oh, how lovely! Your home is beautiful and I love everything you’ve done. I can’t imagine how many yards of fabric are in your lovely drapes! Your mantel is stunning!
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia 😉

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    Debbie, it all looks lovely. Isn’t it fun to move things about and rearrange? I’m getting ready to do some of that around here, but first I need to get the garden in shape. It is taking most of my time these days.

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    Hello Debbie,

    Lovely photos of your room….I can relate to the cathedral ceiling. All tongue and groove wood keeps my great room very warm. I still have vacant spots waiting for more old mirrors. :0) I love your old church stained glass.

    Have a great week and do drop by for a visit when you have a moment.

    Stephanie ♥

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    Oh I love your room. I really like the colors and the way you arrange all of your accessories just make the perfect vignettes without one competing with the other. I had 16 ft. ceilings in my last home and I do know how hard it is so create such a warm space. You did a fantastic job. Love it. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

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    Debbie your family room is awesome! I love it! You did a fabulous job of creating a warm and inviting room. Love all the special touches you have added to it. I am envious of all that space. I downsized and just cannot get adjusted to it.

    Great photos.

    ~ Tracy

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    Your home is just lovely. I think your family room looks very warm and inviting with the earthy colors you have chosen. I love your mantel~the clock is beautiful…all of your vignettes are interesting and original. And the stained glass window is gorgeous!!

    Thanks for sharing!


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    I like the slightly eclectic feel of this – I am not too much into a house being all one style…I particularly like the stained glass – I’ve always been a sucker for stained glass.

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    I would gladly swap your 24 foot ceilings for my 8-foot ceilings! LOL. Seriously, your home is lovely and has the most wonderful, lived in real feel. A beautiful blend. Hope you’ll stop by and get in on our really useful giveaway. — Jane F.

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    Hi Debbie, This is my first visit to your blog…I like it! Your room is beautiful…it is bright and airy yet has a real warm and welcoming feel. You’ve got a real talent for arranging your vignettes. I see so many pretty things that I really like in your home and would love to have in mine! I’m subscribing to either the RSS feed or email…haven’t looked to see what you have as of yet but will be following your blog. Enjoyed my visit here very much! I like your style! Come visit me some time this week…I am having a $100 giveaway.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful home with all of us in the blogoverse!


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    Thank you ever so much for your kind compliments, we appreciate it so much. I am hoping I have gotten to visit all your sites, I was a little overwhelmed to say the least, but if I missed you I apologize….but Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!~

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    Hey Deb! I have to admit, I was browsing on all the small pix of mantles and just clicking on the ones I was drawn to. I saw yours and was like “WOW” before I even knew it was you! Ha!
    See, I really do love your decor, I’m not just sucking up!

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    We have a lot in common – our great room have a 24ft cathedral ceiling (I totally ignore up high), our TV is over our FP (you can see it at AtticMag), and I also have an Old World home (we have been in 4 years as well, and I am still tweaking and purchasing).

    Your mantel looks wonderful. Love the old clock and the books. You’ve done a great job with the entire room.

    I absolutely LOVE the old sign. How lucky were you to find it!

    I’m dropping by from The Inspired Room. Come see what has inspired me in Blog Land… and don’t forget our giveaway ends Saturday night – if you haven’t already registered.

    If you would like to tour my home, it’s the Alabama Stone Cottage house tour @AtticMag.


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    Hi Allison, You are right we do have a lot of style decor in common!!~ I have been over to your site several times, I did register, I do not see where I can comment though. Your home is stunning, and I loved every inch of it!

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    You have such a lovely home. I love that beautiful old clock.

    Came to visit via the Whistlestop Cafe cooking. Lovely to find your fabulous blog!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha. (And Stacey and Holly!)

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