My functional office space and decor

Office decor and office space ideas 037

Hi there everyone! Hope all is well and the weather is starting to perk up for you. We have good days and bad days.  Today is actually a nice one. Anyhow, I  finally am sharing my functional office space and decor that I chose. You may have missed my Creating an office space post ... [ Read More ]

Retro beast furniture makeover


Hi everyone! I'm Shanna from Restoration Redoux here for my monthly contributor's post! Well it's finally Spring here in Kansas... Wait, no it's back to winter... Oh, now it's spring again. The weather here is absolutely crazy! All of my pretty flowers were covered in snow Monday and Tuesday it in ... [ Read More ]

How to make stuffed Jalapenos

Stuffed Jalapeno peppers

Hey there everyone! Hope you are having a nice weekend. For the past few days it has been nothing but rain here in the Carolina's.  It has however cleared out a lot of the pollen so that is a good thing. Today I am sharing how to make stuffed Jalapenos.  I never thought I would be ... [ Read More ]

Take care of you..there’s only one!

To be happy

Hey there everyone! How are you doing? I hope all well. Today, I am about to get a little personal on my blog.  After all, what better place than a blog to write down some thoughts and happenings. No pretty pics, just me rambling. It's been a little difficult for me to even put two words ... [ Read More ]

How to make cookie dough pretzel bites

cookie dough pretzel and chocolate treat 021

Hello there everyone! Telling you right off the bat, if you are on a diet, and have a sweet tooth, you need to step away!  This ain't no weight watcher pumpkin recipe. Points, what points??? too many to count in these. Today, I am sharing how to make cookie dough pretzel bites. O M ... [ Read More ]

Diy dyed candle votives

#elmers glue and rit dye votives

Hey there! Moving on with my experiments. Today, I am sharing some pretty diy dyed candle votives with rit dye and elmer's glue. If you missed my first rit dye elmer's glue experiment you can check that out. I have done many rit dye projects this past year, but mostly with mod ... [ Read More ]

Decor ideas for a home office


Hi there everyone! Hope all is well. I have been trying to shape up my home office and I seem to be at a stand still.  Today, I am sharing decor ideas for a home office. {This is a sponsored post. I have received product/or compensation} all opinions are my own. This is our home ... [ Read More ]

Spring Kitchen

Spring in the kitchen

Hey there! How are you?  Have you been Spring cleaning like I have? Today, I am sharing our Spring Kitchen. I love this time of year, it makes you feel so accomplished, and tired at the end of the day. I did some changing and rearranging in the kitchen for Spring.  I also dusted, wiped ... [ Read More ]

How to make stuffed banana peppers

Stuffed banana pepper topped with provolone

Hey there everyone! How you doing?  We are unwinding from a fabulous weekend packed full of fun and family. My in-laws from Buffalo were in and we took them to the Biltmore estates on Saturday.  It's so nice to be close in proximity to take a day trip. My in-laws love to go, go, go and ... [ Read More ]

Free Printables for April

21 Free Printables for April

Hey there guys! Time for our Free Printables for April. last month I did all Springy printables, and you can find them here. Can you even believe it is April already? Lots happening this month. It's my birthday soon:) Then we have family coming in. Spring break and Alex is making his first ... [ Read More ]

Peach crisp with Bisquick

quick peach crunch it's been said blogging makes you fat! Not from  just sitting on your bloggers butt, but from all these yummy recipes we share. Today, I am sharing a quick peach crisp with Bisquick. My pictures are not great. I whipped this up on the fly.  We have company in this weekend, ... [ Read More ]

Spring Carrot craft with Rit dye and twine

Spring craft ideas with foam and rit dye

Yipee! Spring has Sprung around here. How about where you are? I sure hope so! I know it is has been a long, hard cold winter for many. if it makes you feel any better, it was pretty sucky here in the South. Today, I am sharing a Spring carrot craft with Rit dye and twine.  The first ... [ Read More ]

Rit color perfect

Color perfect by rit dye

Hey there everyone! You know I'm all about putting on the Rit, Rit, Rit! Had to make that catchy for ya. I am also excited to share that I am part of the   "Rit Dyesigner Network." Rit has a new line of Rit color perfect. It's a fun, new and easy dye kit with pre- mixed, ready to use ... [ Read More ]

Don’t forget to eat your veggies


I have been sharing so many calorie packed yummy foods here lately it was time to call in the troops! Welcome back Julie. Welcome to the April edition of... I'm so happy to be here with all of you. Before we get started, I would like you to know that you can find all of the recipes I share at ... [ Read More ]

How to make a cherry pineapple dump cake

How to make a cherry pineapple dump cake

This is insane! What you may ask, the recipe, or the fact that I have been sharing a lot more recipes with you? I think both. Today, I am sharing how to make a cherry pineapple dump cake. My friend Laurian has been making this cake for years.  Laurian is such a great cook and I have ... [ Read More ]

Simple Spring mantel in the South

Faux stained window at Spring

Heck, I don't know how to title a Spring Mantel anymore.  I believe this is probably the 4th one since blogging and not a one I love. Spring mantels are just not my bag.  I see other Spring mantels and I ohh and ahh and love how they turn out, except my own. I didn't go all out like I ... [ Read More ]

How to make crock pot lasagna

crockpot lasagna

Hi there! This crock pot lasagna is a family favorite. You know when your husband and kids tell you a thousand times over at dinner how good it is, it's that good! Today I am sharing how to make crock pot lasagna. We had family coming in from out of town and I was not sure as to exact time of ... [ Read More ]

Spring drop cloth no sew pillow

drop cloth pillow for Spring

Hi there everyone! Can you smell or see Spring yet?  We sorta can, and I am so ready.  I had to make a Spring drop cloth no sew pillow to celebrate the season. Do you realize ONE  drop cloth provides hours of entertainment? Really, it can, and it does. I have had this one ... [ Read More ]